Friday, 7 January 2011


Masque is an illuminated sculptural piece in copper and glass, which stands about 5'6" tall. The mask itself was fabricated from the top of a scrap copper hot water cylinder and sheet copper from the same cylinder. It was coloured using different patinas for the tribal markings and background. The blue glass visor is made from recycled wine bottles and was designed and produced by Barbara Coulam at Inside the mask are 50 medium intensity blue LED's, these can be powered either by the 3 AA batteries mounted inside the mask or from the mains supply using a 4.5V AC mains adaptor plugged into the DC socket fitted in the elm base. The copper coil used to mount the mask is, unfortunately, not recycled and has to be made up by a local company as I have yet to find a way of producing a consistent spiral from scrap copper tubing. So if anyone can suggest a reliable method of doing this, I would be very grateful. The base is the outside slice of an elm burr and has three circular oak feet fitted to the underside.

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Crescents are made from two interlocking pieces of scrap copper sheet, clipped together and secured by a short length of 15mm copper tubing. The crescent shapes have a patina finish applied while the copper tubing is left as polished copper. The glass candle holders are wine bottle bottoms.

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Thursday, 6 January 2011


Spirals are made from scrap 15mm copper tubing and oak flooring off-cuts. The copper spirals clip into the oak bases and a tealight clips into the top of the spiral. They are available either gas torched (as shown on the left) or with a patina finish.

Price: gas torched £4
patina finish £5

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Vino is made from five slumped wine bottles, mounted on two lengths of scrap 28mm copper tubing. The copper tubes are a tight push fit into the oak base unit. This is made from a recycled oak post and houses the electrics for the 50 high intensity green LED's mounted behind the bottles. As with 'Masque', the LED's can be powered either by the 3 AA batteries in the base unit or from the mains supply using a 4.5V AC mains adapter plugged into the DC socket fitted to the base unit.

This example is a table top version, but a wall mounted one is underway in the workshop and will be available very soon, as will other variations of this piece. This piece can be made to order using any bottles of your choice.

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Dragon Moon

This bowl, like the Celtic Spiral one, was made from the bottom of a copper hot water cylinder. The Dragon Moon design and the background have been coloured by applying two different patina finishes. The underside of the bowl has been coloured using a gas torch. The stand is made from oak flooring off-cuts, finished with danish oil.

These can be made to order with a design of your choice.

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