Thursday, 6 January 2011


Vino is made from five slumped wine bottles, mounted on two lengths of scrap 28mm copper tubing. The copper tubes are a tight push fit into the oak base unit. This is made from a recycled oak post and houses the electrics for the 50 high intensity green LED's mounted behind the bottles. As with 'Masque', the LED's can be powered either by the 3 AA batteries in the base unit or from the mains supply using a 4.5V AC mains adapter plugged into the DC socket fitted to the base unit.

This example is a table top version, but a wall mounted one is underway in the workshop and will be available very soon, as will other variations of this piece. This piece can be made to order using any bottles of your choice.

To purchase this piece or to order one, please email me at:

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